This month 30 years ago saw one of the biggest tragedies in South African maritime history occur.

Loss of AHTS VOORTREKKER 30 years ago off Mossel BayThe South African built, flagged and crewed AHTS VOORTREKKER capsized in adverse weather off Mossel Bay South Africa. The vessel floated upside down, for a few days before finally sinking, taking with it 11 South African crew members including the ships cat. During the chaos and heart ache such accidents create a small miracle also occured, – a day or so after the capsize, 3 men escaped from the upturned hull, the Chief Engineer, 2nd Engineer and a greaser.
Sadly the Greaser succumbed to injuries he sustained during the escape, shortly after being pulled from the sea.

****Rest In Peace AHTS VOORTREKKER and your crew of 11 –  Forever On Standby****

Number 258 *** COLLECTION OF MARITIME PRESS CLIPPINGS *** Wednesday 12-09-2023