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25 October 2017

The SAIMENA October branch meeting is to be held at Grindrod Training Academy (Hannah Road), Durban
Mr Jerome Daniels (Grindrod Training Manager) has kindly offered to present a paper.

The topic of the paper is relevant to ALL persons involved with the qualifications required for shipping safety induction training in relation to marine contractors.

It also gives insight into OFFSHORE safety requirements and HEUT training. This paper will be not only relevant but of interest to everyone associated with the safety requirements for
maritime involvement.
will outline the long term benefits of Independent Professional Inspection of Preparation and Coating applications in the Marine Industry. In todays high level focus on costs and
maintenance downtime, this paper will definitely be of interest to all industry players in the corrosive marine environment.
Registration will commence from 17:30 and the meeting will start at 18:00.
The meeting will be followed by snacks and refreshments courtesy of Grindrod Shipping.

Members are requested to make every effort to attend, and give us notice of their attendance for catering purposes.

Support of your Institute raises awareness of development, legislation and industrial activities in the Maritime Sector. In turn, this interest and involvement will attract topical and relevant
papers for future presentation thus further improving and upgrading Members’ knowledge and local industry status.

Mike Roberts
Durban Branch Honorary Secretary