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Members of the SA Institute of Marine Engineers and Naval Architects (SAIMENA), the Naval Engineering Section (NES) and maritime students from Lawhill commemorated the life of William Froude at the Old Burial Ground in Simon’s Town on Tue 28 Nov 2017.

An English engineer and naval architect, Mr Froude influenced ship design by developing a method of studying scale models propelled through water and applying the information obtained to full-size ships. He discovered the laws by which the performance of the model could be extracted to the ship when both have the same geometrical shape. He was also the first to formulate reliable laws for the resistance that water offers to ships and for predicting their stability. He died in 1879 while on holiday in Simon’s Town and was buried with full Naval honours.

SAIMENA made a donation of R10 000 to be used to support the Lawhill programme.
Many thanks to Lawhill for supporting this event.